Brianna - Mastr Stylist Brianna is originally from Vermont. She graduated cosmetology school in 2007. Brianna is known as the QUEEN of the side bang and thorough consultations. She strives to make your look exactly what you want. She also loves multi-dimensional foils. Brianna is certified in So-Cap Extensions and Keratin Straightening. Favorite Food: "Lasagna." Favorite Color: "Teal and Fuchsia." Silliest Thing Ever Done: "My high school friend had one of the largest private in-ground pools in New England. One night my other friend and I decided to fill the pool with bubble bath through the jets, and we also placed a nice paddle boat in the middle, and waited to see her and her parents faces." Hobbies: "Running, shopping, and writing." Worst Fear: "I have emetophobia." Inspirations: "My mother." Favorite Movies: "Girl Interrupted, American Beauty."
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