Cayla - Director Cayla focuses on blending her clients personalities with her own creative edge. She has mastered her skills with advanced educational programs, giving her the "Director" Status. Having been in the industry 10 years, Cayla has built a name for herself. She has training in Wella Corrective Color, has trained in NYC, and L.A. with celebrity stylist Michael Shaun Corby, who then personally requested her assistance at a hair show. She also works as an educational trainer for Alterna. She is certified in Keratin Straightening. Favorite Food: "Anything sweet." Favorite Color: "Pink." Silliest Thing Ever Done: "Got a cartoon tree log tattoo." Hobbies: "Reading, working out, sunbathing (with SPF 30, of course.)" Worst Fear: "Dying." Inspirations: "My husband." Favorite Movies: "Dirty Dancing, The Little Mermaid, SAW (before they got lame)."
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