Christa - Manager
Nail Technician Fun loving, high energy, and extremely talented are just a few words to best describe Wicked's award winning nail technician. Christa originally graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography, working in the photography and graphic design business before discovering her passion in the salon industry. With almost 7 years experience, she specializes in customized Signature Pedicures and Shellac Manicures, the up and coming trend in the nail industry. Her continued drive for education and being on top of all the latest trends makes her the best in the industry. Favorite Food: "Pizza and any dessert food imaginable." Favorite Color: "Blue." Silliest Thing Ever Done: "One time had this amazing sleep walking incident..." Hobbies: "Shopping, reading, napping, laying in the sun any time possible!" Worst Fear: "Heights, and puking." Inspirations: "My dad and my niece." Favorite Movies: "Oh goodness... American History X, Seven, Bridesmaids, American Beauty, Horrible Bosses, The Town. 1000 more.
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