Lindzi - Director


Lindzi has been with Wicked since their opening day. With 20 years of experience and education, she is truly one of the best. Certified in So-Cap, Neo, and iTip Hair Extensions, Lindzi has also had extensive training with Matrix, Paul Mitchell, Redken, Alterna, and Wella, and is certified in Keratin Straightening. Favorite Food: "I love too many things, especially Mexican!" Silliest Thing Ever Done: "Too many to count..." Hobbies: "Reading, cooking, anything to do with cosmetology, watching bad TV shows." Worst Fear: "Encountering everything that scuttles horizontally. IE: crabs!" Inspirations: "My friends, they individually have attributes I aspire to gain or mimic." Favorite Movies: "Any comedy, Across the Universe, Atonement, The Twilight Saga.
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