Melanie - Master Stylist Melanie believes a great look comes from not only complimenting a persons face shape and skin tone, but also the personality and overall style of the individual. Melanie has been in the business for 18 years, and in those years has trained with celebrity stylists from Michael Shaun Corby to "Shear Genius" stylist Tyson Daniels. Melanie is certified in Keratin Straightening, Wella, and Alterna. Favorite Food: "Nachos, mozzarella, tomato and basil, cereal." Favorite Color: "Purple and green." Silliest Thing Ever Done: "I was cashing out a guest (while wearing a very nice skirt) and dropped their credit card on the floor. While trying to be stealth and pick it up, I fell off the chair. I hope my guest didn't see my polka dot underwear." Hobbies: "Boating, motorcycling, camping, bonfires, hanging out with friends." Worst Fear: "Losing my child, not being able to work." Inspirations: "People that make it through life's challenges." Favorite Movies: "Se7en, Dirty Dancing, Toy Story, Dazed and Confused."
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